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We dont have 24 diferent strains from Bald-man-lala in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

ALTA stock:Available
Aoraki 13 stock:Available
BlueBuChu stock:Available
Bubble Chung stock:Available
Couch Project stock:Available
FlatAffie stock:Available
Flatbubble stock:Available
Flatland Basic stock:Available
Flatland Basic x Bubblechung stock:Available
FreeWorld stock:Available
Happy Amnesia stock:Available
Lala Haze stock:Available
Bald man Lala Seeds stock:Available
Lemon Thai stock:Available
Levitator stock:Available
Nepdane stock:Available
Neptune stock:Available
Northern Light x Lemon Thai stock:Available
Purple Nepal stock:Available
RH/Fruitbud x Lemon Thai stock:Available
Royal Ulduz stock:Available
Siesta Kush stock:Available
Ulduz stock:Available
Vega stock:Available